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French Pharmacy is about loving your skin

We sell a range of Bioderma products that target different skin types. We are a New Zealand based company, and an official representative of Bioderma in New Zealand. Whether you have oily/combination, dry or sensitive skin, we have cleansers, toners, micellar water,moisturisers, serums and bb creams specifically designed for your skin type.


I first came across Bioderma skincare 10 years ago, I started using Bioderma Atoderm moisturiser to relieve my eczema. Before that I've tried so many different creams, and only this moisturiser did the job. Then I've discovered that this is a pharmaceuticals brand developed with only the ingredients that the skin needs to balance its PH. The products are incredible and really target the exact problem or issue that you have with your skin whether it's acne, rosecea or redness, hypersensitivity, or eczema.I fell in love with these products and learnt to love my skin. French Pharmacy is all about loving yourself, loving your skin, and using the skincare that makes you feel empowered. 


" Bioderma Micellar water is simply the best micellar water on the market. I love that it does not irritate my eyes and it's super gentle on skin. As a blogger I put on make up 20 times a day so really need something works every time. Highly recommend ♥️"

— Ellie, Beauty Blogger

“This Bioderma Photoderm BB Cream makes my skin look flawless. Not only it has SPF but it's also tinted and light textured. I don't even need to apply foundation. For a busy mom of two, it's a real time-saver”

— Amy, Hairdresser


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